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Ojo de Perdiz is the fusion of the modern and reminiscents of the ancient northern Jujuy. Each pieces are unique and exclusive as it is done entirely by hand throughout the process. A careful selection of fleece, dyed with natural products from the area, and puca distaff spinning, warp and finally weaving 4 feet telar. The result will be perceive and feel it by your hands because it is the sum of several details made with real dedication, by the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen who live 4000mts high in Northern Argentina. You can find this model in the following characteristics:

- Technique: 4 feet telar handmade by Northern Argentina communities.

- Material: Llama wool

- Natural dyeing: achihuete, rica rica, cochinilla, cabbage, herbs, onions.

- Termination: twisted or knotted fringes.